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Topic subjectyou're a family man in your 40s, right?
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12663056, you're a family man in your 40s, right?
Posted by b.Touch, Sun Nov-30-14 08:34 AM
you're not likely to have.

I've seen it on an infrequent but consistent basis, and know of people who participate in cosplay parties on a regular basis. There are folks who make a living or a hobby out of dressing up as various superheroes and attending comic-cons, sci-fi conventions, and whatnot.

And never mind things LIKE comic-cons and anime conventions, where damn near half of the attendants, if not more, are dressed up in costumes. I once went to get some food and notices Ryu and Chun-Li in line behind me and was like "oh, it must be Anime Con time again". And I was right.