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Topic subjectblack cosplayer shot to death by cops for toy sword.
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12662035, black cosplayer shot to death by cops for toy sword.
Posted by Doronmonkflake, Thu Nov-27-14 11:18 AM

I want to leave america.
12662038, here is the thing...thing stuff has been happening forever.
Posted by double negative, Thu Nov-27-14 11:29 AM
its taken some high profile death to bring this to the forefront
12662417, no the difference is there are more video cameras now...
Posted by ToeJam, Fri Nov-28-14 01:16 PM
...Mike Brown was just an average kid.
12662435, but the core point is still the same. this is not new
Posted by double negative, Fri Nov-28-14 01:55 PM
we've been hearing about crazy shit for a long time
12662518, what is the point in pointing that out?
Posted by Damali, Fri Nov-28-14 05:45 PM
i never understand when people say this..

yeah we know. so then that means what? that we shouldn't be upset about it? should we just ignore it because it's happened before? we have to have a reason to care?

12663186, don't be shocked, this is not sensational
Posted by double negative, Sun Nov-30-14 03:30 PM
12663187, & i have a lump of coal for a heart
Posted by double negative, Sun Nov-30-14 03:31 PM
12663736, it's still wrong though... right?
Posted by ThaAnthology, Mon Dec-01-14 12:18 PM
12662088, I guess we aren't allowed to own samurai swords
Posted by b.Touch, Thu Nov-27-14 02:16 PM
Question: whatever happened to shooting someone in the leg and taking them in alive?
12662103, Aren't allowed shit
Posted by Atillah Moor, Thu Nov-27-14 03:35 PM
They only take white folks in alive. The Boston bombers blew people up and they brought in one of them.
12662125, I want to leave america.
Posted by Doronmonkflake, Thu Nov-27-14 05:20 PM
12662170, Me too-- in the worst way
Posted by Atillah Moor, Thu Nov-27-14 08:22 PM
Somehow it seems more honoring of our ancestors legacy. I'm sure sticking around wasn't something they desired.
12662109, Damn...he was dressed as Mugen from Samauri Champloo. Crazy..
Posted by doberman, Thu Nov-27-14 04:17 PM
Why are these cops so fucking scary? This whole shoot to kill ask questions later shit has got to end.
12662117, with the coolest damn strut to his walk, too..*smmfh*
Posted by kayru99, Thu Nov-27-14 04:56 PM
12662748, You don't know how much that's fucking me up man... WHAT THE FUCK?!
Posted by mtbatol, Sat Nov-29-14 12:11 PM
I mean this is tragic on it's own... HE WAS LEGIT MUGEN!!! WTF?!
I'm really hating I read into the details of this story past the headline yo.
12662116, is this a real story?
Posted by legsdiamond, Thu Nov-27-14 04:55 PM
dude was running away while holding a fake sword?

12662118, It's a real story:
Posted by b.Touch, Thu Nov-27-14 04:58 PM
He ran away after they started shooting at him.

12662127, Shady, shady cops
Posted by J305, Thu Nov-27-14 05:29 PM
12662137, I had to google what "cosplay" was
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Nov-27-14 05:55 PM
12662140, I legit debate whether to holster my blaster in costume
Posted by CaptNish, Thu Nov-27-14 06:12 PM
I don't wanna get killed wearing my Han Solo costume just to have some asshole in the comment thread say "I guess Han should've shot first."

Jokes aside, I had a hard debate with people over whether or not I should wear it into the city this past Halloween.
12662149, are you black?
Posted by ThaTruth, Thu Nov-27-14 07:05 PM
12662152, No, but I'm mistook daily
Posted by CaptNish, Thu Nov-27-14 07:17 PM
12662146, Are Nerf guns legal or does that qualify under the KAN law?
Posted by Kira, Thu Nov-27-14 06:57 PM
Kill A Nigga (for no reason) unofficial law that is clearly in place in the USA. Think of it like one of those unwritten baseball rules.
12662577, I think of the times I left Evil Dead practice covered in stage blood
Posted by Doronmonkflake, Fri Nov-28-14 09:32 PM
And wearin a chainsaw hand. Scared hair trigger cops don't ask questions.
12662160, He lunged at them with his back turned
Posted by Ted Gee Seal, Thu Nov-27-14 07:46 PM
>I want to leave america.

While running away...
12662175, Blacklunge is more fatal than blacklung.
Posted by Doronmonkflake, Thu Nov-27-14 09:10 PM
12662301, uhh, it was a very real sword with a dull blade. metal and had all of the
Posted by Fishgrease, Fri Nov-28-14 10:17 AM
characteristics of a sword by any definition.

we have to stop throwin' this "toy" sh*t around.

No officer or regular citizen is going to risk finding out at the last minute that the sword wasn't razor sharp.

Do stupid sh*t, get killed.
here's a better article of the situation


12662303, peep the pics of the actual sword (link)
Posted by Fishgrease, Fri Nov-28-14 10:20 AM

Believe that cosplay shit if you want to...Looks like a regular muhphucka from the back carrying a sword.
12662311, i read he had a cryptic FB post the day of too
Posted by Calico, Fri Nov-28-14 10:36 AM
...and some of his family members noted his abnormal behavior...this one just ain't as cut and dry as some make it sound
12662367, yeah, it seemed Suicide by Cop.
Posted by Fishgrease, Fri Nov-28-14 11:39 AM
12662401, by being shot in the back?
Posted by bentagain, Fri Nov-28-14 12:37 PM
12662403, it's been reported that he posted on his Fb account that he
Posted by Fishgrease, Fri Nov-28-14 12:42 PM
was going out with a sword and was expected to get shot.

I don't think he specified his desired position or area to be shot.
If the FB account is to be believed or found true, he seemingly got his wish.

12662408, If you read your own link, they didn't find that post on his FB timeline
Posted by bentagain, Fri Nov-28-14 12:47 PM
but at least they are consistent with the character assassination

I got his entire drug and criminal history

even though all they could come up with was a misdemeanor for a drunken fight

and they found no drugs in his system...why even mention that?
12663042, And what do they need a search warrant for?
Posted by Atillah Moor, Sun Nov-30-14 08:12 AM
Shady ass shit
12663312, Because that's the first thing they do. Sprinkle crack.
Posted by Doronmonkflake, Sun Nov-30-14 09:57 PM
Ask Dave Chappelle.
12662489, if the sword was dull, it probably was a cosplay word
Posted by b.Touch, Fri Nov-28-14 04:17 PM
serious cosplayers don't fuck with plastic props.

He should not have lunged with it, however, if that was the case. It wouldn't've cut anyone, but it could have bludgeoned someone.
12662496, what is the purpose of walking around with a sword
Posted by legsdiamond, Fri Nov-28-14 04:57 PM
while in costume?

was it Comic-Con or some type of holiday?

I don't think it's right to kill a guy who is running from you but was this dude in character? Was he touched?

just wondering if he was at a costume party or if he was out fighting demons.

12662503, I don't know. why do people open carry? just as weird to me.
Posted by Doronmonkflake, Fri Nov-28-14 05:13 PM
12662512, what's the point of wearing your pants' waist below your ass?
Posted by b.Touch, Fri Nov-28-14 05:35 PM
different ppl do different things.

yes, there's people who dress up in costumes of various levels of complexity just for fun on a random Saturday. No, it's not that uncommon.
12662698, I think it's uncommon..
Posted by legsdiamond, Sat Nov-29-14 09:52 AM
never seen that shit in all my years on this earth
12663056, you're a family man in your 40s, right?
Posted by b.Touch, Sun Nov-30-14 08:34 AM
you're not likely to have.

I've seen it on an infrequent but consistent basis, and know of people who participate in cosplay parties on a regular basis. There are folks who make a living or a hobby out of dressing up as various superheroes and attending comic-cons, sci-fi conventions, and whatnot.

And never mind things LIKE comic-cons and anime conventions, where damn near half of the attendants, if not more, are dressed up in costumes. I once went to get some food and notices Ryu and Chun-Li in line behind me and was like "oh, it must be Anime Con time again". And I was right.
12663491, married but no kids...
Posted by legsdiamond, Mon Dec-01-14 09:49 AM
and we go out to bars all the time.

it isn't that common IMO but maybe you live in a convention town where this happens a lot.

I only see people in costume on Halloween or during those comic-con events.

oh, and I saw Gwar walking down the street in Richmond one year while in college.
12662564, i'm not familiar with this story...why was he running?
Posted by lazyboi, Fri Nov-28-14 08:58 PM

"If you wanna help us, fine. Sit down with your kids and make 'em study at night...otherwise, shoot THIS mothaf*cka!" (c) Morgan Freeman,
12662568, He may have seen the news this year at some point.
Posted by Doronmonkflake, Fri Nov-28-14 09:15 PM
12662606, *rimshot *
Posted by lazyboi, Fri Nov-28-14 10:41 PM

"If you wanna help us, fine. Sit down with your kids and make 'em study at night...otherwise, shoot THIS mothaf*cka!" (c) Morgan Freeman,
12662745, Fuckers done shot up my nigga Mugen... fuck everything man
Posted by mtbatol, Sat Nov-29-14 12:09 PM
12662754, a few more questions...
Posted by legsdiamond, Sat Nov-29-14 12:34 PM
Where were all these people who he might harm? A white woman walked by him without fear.. why the fuck are cops more terrifiied than citizens?

Only issue I have with the victim is his refusal to drop the sword (if this is the truth).

12662914, Same thing with that 12 year old child. Nobody scared but the cops.
Posted by Doronmonkflake, Sat Nov-29-14 09:17 PM
12663148, or how about old boy in wal mart? nobody scared but a marine lmao
Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sun Nov-30-14 01:35 PM
cops arrive to ZERO panic or commotion, yet go in and blast the guy on sight?
12663198, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kN3Wsc_8wjY
Posted by double negative, Sun Nov-30-14 04:53 PM
12663200, I had no idea what a Cosplayer was
Posted by Heinz, Sun Nov-30-14 04:55 PM
I wouldve seen him as a threat but i wuldnt have shot him...i mean he was at a distance, with his back turned and running....what was he gonna do? Throw the sword perfectly with enough force it was gonna work and kill me? It wasn't a ninja star...and he wasnt a ninja. Again a cop's fear got the best of him. I GET I GET IT they put themselves in danger, as I too would've felt in danger with Mike Brown and even this case. But thats part of the job. Either be able to handle it...or not. We are seeing that a lot of officers cannot handle it. The fear takes over and they shoot. These kids were at a distance where they aren't able to do anything, the reason to shoot is ridiculous.


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12668972, RE: black cosplayer shot to death by cops for toy sword.
Posted by bentagain, Sun Dec-07-14 02:51 PM