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Topic subjectfrom what i've heard from Will and Jada
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12654933, from what i've heard from Will and Jada
Posted by Damali, Wed Nov-19-14 03:09 PM
>I worry they won't get it. I think the only problem is their
>parents letting them think they have all the answers.

it's more like their parents let them think. full stop.

that's damn near revolutionary.

they will find out, in due course, that they do NOT have all the answers. life's challenges will teach them that...and those lessons are better learned through experience than having your parents TELL YOU what you should be thinking.

people gotta look at the bigger picture here.

teens love to do exactly the opposite of what their parents tell them to. so the only thing we need to do is tell them what the likely consequences/outcomes of various actions/choices are, then let them decide...they go into it with some idea what to expect, then are completely accountable for the result.

THAT is parenting, imo.