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Topic subjectthey are talking about brick and mortar public schools
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12654925, they are talking about brick and mortar public schools
Posted by Damali, Wed Nov-19-14 03:03 PM
here in the US...and by and large, they are garbage save for a handful in each state

our public school system and it's rigidity and steel tethers to the teacher's union has resulted in a depressing state of affairs for our kids.

sorry but the Smith kids are dead on about this. and Willow only had to go to school for 1 year to see it lol

>There is no feasible self-directed study that will lead those
>kids to the heart of quantum physics, developmental biology,
>or personality theory of psychology. Granted their parents
>are loaded with money so they may be able to get more out of
>it than average.

i wholly disagree with that...the wealth of formal education you can get online on sites like Khan Academy and other accredited universities is astounding.

>But socialization, problem solving, work ethic for its own
>sake, and methods of thinking are all valuable in their own
>rights and all honed in school.

lol maybe in the schools YOU went to...but i can tell you as a parent of teens in high school, i'd categorically state that their school is FAILING to teach that to a majority of their students..or are accidentally teaching those concepts in their most perverse and damaging forms. nice idealism tho