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Topic subjectIt was an example to illustrate a point.
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12653899, It was an example to illustrate a point.
Posted by Cold Truth, Tue Nov-18-14 05:08 PM
That entire thing is so scattered and annoying I didn’t read all of it. I just caught a piece here and there and that statement was just the first example that popped into mind when he mentioned reading.
At any rate I just picked out a particularly obnoxious statement to use as an example. I’m sure many will say “likely story” like I’m moving goalposts or whatever, but the rest of my statement bears this out:

“If you can’t see why that sort of thinking raises eyebrows and elicits a few disparaging remarks, I dunno what to tell you.

I don’t think anyone is hating. This stuff is so far out there though that it’s a huge turnoff for some people. Lastly, the notion that everyone would be smarter if we all stopped attending school is probably more detrimental to the black community than the someone commenting on how dumb these two sound on a message board.“
. Some people don’t see the big deal. Others see obnoxious arrogance. The whole point of the post you responded to wasn’t that they don’t read anything ever; but that the interview has plenty of statements that are far afield enough that it’s not unreasonable to have a negative view of them.