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Topic subject Celebrity obsessed? Care to expound?
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12653382, Celebrity obsessed? Care to expound?
Posted by Cold Truth, Tue Nov-18-14 11:18 AM
Or do you prefer baseless blanket statements that “sound” good?
The truth is you don’t really have any basis to call anyone ‘celebrity obsessed’. The topic came up, people expressed an opinion, but that hardly qualifies as “celebrity obsessed”. Where are all these celebrity-based posts made by myself or anyone else who remarked on the absurd stupidity they just read?

Everyone in the public eye gets critiqued. That extends to places like this, where we critique each other all the time. I get critiqued all the time. What makes the obnoxious offspring of one of the biggest movie stars in existence so special?

Do you probe the message boards of People or Us or Whateverthefuck Weekly to take down those who dare to comment on the ridiculous antics of the Beibers, Lohans, Miley’s of the world? No? Those places would consist of people who are actually obsessed with celebrity.

And no, they don’t sound like kids. They sound like arrogant, obnoxious morons who are badly detached from reality. I dunno about you, but I’ve never known any teenager to say anything approaching this level of dumb.