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Topic subjectLOL You call that “going off”?
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12653371, LOL You call that “going off”?
Posted by Cold Truth, Tue Nov-18-14 11:10 AM
They’re dumb as rocks, but not due to any mental illness (that we know of) or social disadvantage. Actually, they just have an absurd disconnect with reality, and I realize that it’s because mommy and daddy are pretty fucking delusional and nurtured this level of arrogant, obnoxious stupidity.

Still, I didn’t go into all that, so I dunno where you get “going off” from.

The point is that OKP has an odd dichotomy whereby it’s something of a sport to continually make fun of things said by a person who has told us about being on various psych meds and suffers from mental illness, while these corny ass dullards are dismissed as typical teenagers.
Still, I didn’t go into it that deep. I made a simple observation that hardly qualifies as “going off”.