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Topic subjectRE: i'm saying *I* would have gotten out, but i can see why dude
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12608588, RE: i'm saying *I* would have gotten out, but i can see why dude
Posted by Case_One, Wed Oct-08-14 11:19 AM
>stayed in.
>i'm a pragmatist. i calculate risk/reward all the time.

Because you are smart.

>but one thing you are not taking into account is dude's stated
>reasons for not getting out...
>he was afraid because they pulled guns on him. if his mental
>calculus is that 'i'm safer inside than outside...' , i don't
>necessarily see it as that but i can see how he'd come to that

Yes I am. I've been in that situation. I also know that glass ain't gonna stop a bullet if they wanted to shoot.

>we're all making assumptions that if he continued to comply
>that the cops wouldn't have found something else to be pissed
>or alarmed about.

Nah, I don't buy that. They may have asked a few questions. But We also didn't see the beginning of the encounter.

>if he got out too fast, they could have shot him. i've been
>stopped, made to get on the ground, face down w/ guns drawn on
>me a few times. while walking. i've never been made to get out
>of a car.

This is why you get out with your hands in plain sight. And I've been taking to jail for acting like i can argue with the police at a traffic stop. It's called Disorderly Conduct.

>i don't know the protocol for that. but really, the protocol
>is whatever they decide that it is on the spot.

And this is why you an I didn't get beat the hell up, because we know better.

>if dude was NOT legit scared of the cops and was on some 'i
>know my rights' ish, like the brother in minnesota who got
>tased and arrested while waiting for his kids, this would be a
>case of 'you knew something like this would happen' as many of
>y'all are trying to make it. black folks don't have rights
>when it comes to cops, and it boils down to whether you are
>willing to get fucked up or killed to prove a point that we
>all already know.
>they woulda tased rosa parks.

You can't compare the civil rights movement to this mess. COME'ON MAYNE!