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Topic subjectOk.. What would you have done if asked to exit the vehicle?
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12608391, Ok.. What would you have done if asked to exit the vehicle?
Posted by Case_One, Wed Oct-08-14 10:28 AM
>>If you want to lay the blame on the officers that's a
>>precedent going forward. Right?
>i don't know what you mean.
>>How many times does the officer have to tell someone to get
>>out of a 3,000 pound potential weapon before something
>why was the officer ordering him out of the car in the first
>place? he had no real need for that. the brother had been
>observed riding as a passenger in car w/o a seat belt. that's
>a traffic violation - not even a criminal offense. the
>officer approached the car and didn't develop any probable
>cause that another crime had occurred. the officer wanted to
>run the brother's name through a database to look for
>warrants. he needed the brother's name and date of birth for
>the warrant check. so he asked the brother for
>identification. brother didn't have any. so the cop asked
>for the brother's name. he asked the brother to write it down
>and hand it to him.
>none of that necessitated the brother getting out of the car.
>the cop wanted the brother out of the car b/c the brother gave
>him attitude. the cop wanted to show the brother who the boss
>was. that's what went down.

And lets' talk survival here. The brother should have just gotten his big head out the car. You, he, and I know that the cops were being jerks or at least we may feel that way. But GOT DANG IT, we have to be smart about the battle. Dude could have gotten out, talked to the cops and gotten back in the car and made a complaint on the next day. But NAAAAAW that due played the fool and got tased by a jerk with a gun.


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