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Topic subjecti spend a LOT of time in hammond. let me tell u about hammond cops
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12608388, i spend a LOT of time in hammond. let me tell u about hammond cops
Posted by lazyboi, Wed Oct-08-14 10:27 AM
they are FOREVER stopping people. as a matter of fact, the state of Indiana gave them a grant for more equipment for writing so many tickets


they got nice shiny new SUV's and, with the grant, got brand new radar guns and computers

AND...they have a corrupt judge...who, as of today, still sits on the bench .


their main street,(Calumet Avenue) that connects two interstates has a 20-25 mile per hour speed limit. the entire city is a money trap. and they make lots of bogus stops for more and more money, and even the judge admitted to being in on it...but he still serves. this will be the judge that hears this man's "resisting" case.

"If you wanna help us, fine. Sit down with your kids and make 'em study at night...otherwise, shoot THIS mothaf*cka!" (c) Morgan Freeman,