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Topic subjectJMSN - Street Sweeper (Audio)
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12604941, JMSN - Street Sweeper (Audio)
Posted by DavidHasselhoff, Mon Oct-06-14 01:10 PM

12667672, Album streams
Posted by DavidHasselhoff, Thu Dec-04-14 11:01 PM
12667681, shit i forgot to preorder
Posted by teefiveten, Thu Dec-04-14 11:23 PM
i meant to after i put it on my tumblr last week


i love that freddie gibbs is on it

i like his voice. i didn't care for the original "all we do" that was on kaytranada's joint but he remixed it and it's so good

i play this shit all the time. it's a dope warm up set song

12667695, okp.com news feed on the left be putting me on
Posted by dba_BAD, Fri Dec-05-14 12:22 AM
to hella shit on the low

between this hiatus kaiyote that sza thundercat shit and a few others im feeling pretty hip these days
12668472, full album stream link - this is dope
Posted by Binladen, Fri Dec-05-14 04:18 PM

12668570, Black R & B singers lost. Ive been listening to this shit since
Posted by DavidHasselhoff, Fri Dec-05-14 09:37 PM
you posted this link. This is an outrage, this album is sick.
12668593, JMSN is the real deal.
Posted by PROMO, Sat Dec-06-14 12:22 AM
search for him on spotify and peep some of the random shit he's featured on.

his track with Astronautica is filthy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smL55TfqOQk
12668631, ^^^
Posted by Binladen, Sat Dec-06-14 06:33 AM
12668802, Glad he went back to doing what he was best at
Posted by Heinz, Sat Dec-06-14 11:57 PM
His last album was a disappointment....shit was so small sounding, not catchy and big like the first one.


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12668783, RE: JMSN - Street Sweeper (Audio)
Posted by BlackLex, Sat Dec-06-14 10:47 PM
Detroit wins again. Between this Prhyme and Black Milk...

Dope album. He's got some really good earlier stuff too.

I play Kaytranada's remix of 'All We Do' all the time and 'Affection' with Sango is dope:


12671052, Downloaded the album this morning and cant stop listening.
Posted by DavidHasselhoff, Tue Dec-09-14 10:33 PM
He showed his ass on this one. Nothing like his other albums. This might be one of the best R&B albums I've heard in years.. But to be fair I don't really fuck with R&B so I could be trippin, but I doubt it.