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Topic subjectwhat's the older guy and younger guy thing from?
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12515938, what's the older guy and younger guy thing from?
Posted by Deadzombie, Sat Jul-19-14 08:07 PM
>Huh? How do you know? I don't think 35-year-old and
>18-year-old gay men spend much time together AT ALL; I wonder
>why you think differently.

i think i picked that impression up in my travels, or television, or both.

>I mean, I often hear about this happening with heterosexual
>couples (e.g., a woman's boyfriend secretly, or not so
>secretly, molesting her daughter). But because I read that the
>perpetrator is 18, and because I know to use google after
>reading an article that's low on details, I didn't once
>consider the scandalous "lover" narrative.

i mean, the idea of googling this story for more info never crossed my mind. i could type that i didn't care enough about it to begin a quest for more info about it, but more accurately i thought those details just weren't released, yet. i wanted to make the scoop.

thank you, i think.

no joke.