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Topic subjectCreative Quest (excerpt) - "Deciding what you're not before you..."
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1852, Creative Quest (excerpt) - "Deciding what you're not before you..."
Posted by c71, Wed Jan-02-19 10:32 AM
"....decide what you are"

Creative Quest by Questlove

p 33

Carve out the negative space around your idea....It's sometimes hard to see the heart of an idea, so chip away at all the things that aren't the heart. This also help to focus your overall artistic goals. Back in 2013, I did a joint interview with David Byrne at NYU's Skirball Center, and we talked about all different levels of creation. In our conversation, he echoed this idea: Don't imagine what you will become - imagine what you won't become. It helps to reinforce which parts of your creative identity you can't live without, and which parts might be there only because you've been told by someone else that they should be there. Imagining what you won't become is a necessary refining process.

p 35

Deciding what you're not before you decide what you are lets you stand strong in your own category.