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Topic subjectWorkouts for Overweight people
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1488, Workouts for Overweight people
Posted by TR808, Tue Feb-02-16 07:40 PM
Anyone got any suggestions on workouts for someone who is really at Zero when it comes to level of activity???

I have a back injury which really has attributed to my weight gain.

Aside from that I dont eat well... so there is that also...

I know I need to lose weight but i am overwhelmed at just the starting of it all.

1489, well i would start on activities you actually like to do...
Posted by StephBMore, Wed Feb-03-16 01:32 PM
like bicycling, tennis, swimming...do you have an activity you actually like to do? if it's swimming, then i'd suggest doing that once a week for a month, then doing it twice a week, and so on so forth to build up momentum and to train yourself into going to a gym for exercise. If it's something you like, you're more incline to do it more often.

Then because you have back pain, i'd suggest getting involved in yoga. It's a great way to stretch and relieve pressure on your back and other aches PLUS you can do it at home. between these two items, it will start you to thinking about exercise and will get you into a habit of doing these things. Then you can start adding other work outs or exercises.

i think it's hard to start cold turkey so starting with something you like to do is always easiest.
1491, what does your commute look like?
Posted by grape, Sun Feb-07-16 12:37 PM
are you able to use public transportation or walk or cycle (upright) to work? someone asked me the other day how i get motivated to cycle to work. well, 1). i love doing it, i love being outside, it's good exercise, and add an ipod, and i'm in heaven...but 2). if i don't cycle, walk, take the bus or train, i'm not going to have a job. i don't own a car, and i really don't want one because i hate driving. :/

basically, get active and just build on it; incorporate physical activity into your lifestyle.
1499, Thanks!!!!
Posted by TR808, Wed Feb-10-16 01:34 PM
I guess I really know I should be doing SOMETHING but its better to take it when you hear someone else say it..

my commute is a 30 minute drive local transpo is out of the question it would be 2 hours by bus...

but what I will start doing is when i get home at night go walking...

eventually hopefully that will lead to running.. i used to like that before i got hurt
1506, Sworkit on App Store or Android
Posted by Mr. ManC, Mon Feb-29-16 09:28 PM
free app which is like a spotify for workouts.

just enter your body details, select a type of workout and hit play. If something comes up you can't do just skip to the next one.