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Topic subjectComments Being Censored???
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191174, Comments Being Censored???
Posted by doitall76, Wed Mar-22-17 02:27 PM
I usually post in the comment section under poochnuts. But I have a username for the forums of doitall76.

In connection with the news story by Kevito on the main Okayplayer site, UPDATE: Diddy On Accusations: “These Claims Are Without Merit”, I posted a 2nd comment that read:

"A question should be asked though: Given the way history has unfairly made black men, women and children into “lesser than” should Revolt be faulted for presenting a similar environment as one we experience daily in America?

Kevitio, I think that it would serve you well, to be reminded that the readership of Okayplayer.com is not homogenized, nor all black. So when you say "as one we experienced daily in America", that only pertains to a percentage of your reader base.

No matter what the background is, I would believe that the vast majority of the people who read this website believe in the fair treatment of people, consistent across all cultures, sexualities, races, and genders. While affirmative action isstill relevant and valuable today, the active practicing discrimination outside of that institution, no matter who it's aimed at, is wrong and only serves to further cause division and animosity that will continue to perpetuate in both direct and latent forms."

This has not been allowed to be posted. Three times (over the course of an hour) it has been posted, but each time it shows "hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Okayplayer" and then it is not posted.

I'm trying to figure out why they will not allow this to be posted. Are the comments being monitored by the author Kevito, or someone else, and they are just not letting it go through, because they don't like what I said? Is this what Okayplayer's news has come to???