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Topic subjectWhile I Agree About Purple Rain
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191145, While I Agree About Purple Rain
Posted by Dj Joey Joe, Thu Dec-31-15 06:35 AM
...I will say that "Thriller" didn't have any bad songs, on it, I will say "Baby Be Mine" was & is good enough for radio back then (AM radio) and today (those flackback stations) but it is kind of the least liked song on it but damn that album basically was a bible to how pop artists afterwards should make an album where every song could be a single.

I remember when the album/soundtrack for Purple Rain, I had it on cassette and listened to it that summer of '84, I didn't see the movie until eight or nine years later and it all made sense cause I had a pic of what the movie was like just from the songs; but that album was pretty dope and still a classic (so is the movie), I was listening to hip-hop & new wave rock back more than anything else but like Chris Rock said in an era when rap music was in demand you could still play a Prince joint in the mix.