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Topic subjectRoots live albums
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191117, Roots live albums
Posted by authentic9, Fri Oct-17-14 08:32 PM
There used to be a site that hosted live roots shows.

Anyone know if that archive is anywhere online?

Much appreciated.

191134, RE: Roots live albums
Posted by excaluber, Fri Dec-26-14 11:44 PM
Its been a long time since I looked but I'm sad to say it appears to have shut down. It used to be:


You can see some links someone else tossed up here:


Ever wonder why you can see the whole width of this sentence but you still have to move your eyes to read it?
191138, Still nothing on this?
Posted by sl_onIce, Fri Jul-03-15 06:54 AM
Been *desperately* tryin to find an mp3 of the live version of you got me with interpolations of Don't be cruel and So fresh so clean....

been trying to YEARS to get it back. no luck

no help?
191139, inbox
Posted by kinetic94761180, Sat Jul-11-15 03:35 PM