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Topic subjectD'Angelo?
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190994, D'Angelo?
Posted by DOnali, Wed Oct-16-13 02:45 PM
Any news on his progress???
190997, RE: D'Angelo?
Posted by da_illest_one, Tue Oct-22-13 04:40 AM

I wouldn't expect an album from him anytime soon.

On The Lookout 4:
some new music. WTF is going on this year?
190998, RE: D'Angelo?
Posted by Blany, Tue Oct-22-13 08:55 AM
It's all gone very quiet considering Questlove saying that the album was all but done. D'Angelo has had a bout of illness too. 2014?? who knows.
190999, RE: D'Angelo?
Posted by DOnali, Tue Oct-22-13 10:20 AM
Dang... thanks guys
191008, RE: D'Angelo?
Posted by Vhien, Sun Nov-10-13 07:08 PM
I mean, with Pino touring with NIN right now, it's very unlikely that anything will happen in November. Iunno, the first leg of the NIN tour is over at the end of the month, so maybe something will happen in the interim .

Or maybe we won't get an album until 2015. Any real momentum was lost after he cancelled all of those shows. A bit too much silence around a 99.9999999% done album, but the only news we hear on it is, "It's almost done".
191005, Heroin
Posted by zephyr, Tue Nov-05-13 08:09 PM
He is probably crippled by heroin addiction.

This is the most likely explanation for the never ending mess of the past decade.
191013, RE: Heroin
Posted by CRATEWORM, Thu Nov-21-13 08:49 PM
Man.... I hope not
191042, RE: Heroin
Posted by lsmooth, Mon Feb-10-14 06:52 PM
I didn't hear about that. I hope that he is alright.
191019, RE: D'Angelo?
Posted by lsmooth, Mon Dec-16-13 03:08 PM
I like D' Angelo, I thought that Brown Sugar was nice.
191027, RE: D'Angelo?
Posted by Greg F., Mon Dec-30-13 04:37 AM
>Any news on his progress???

Russell Elevado (who every single genuine D'Angelo fan must know) tweeted this to ?uestlove yesterday:

"@questlove spring or summer 2014. We're gonna change the game again!"

and then he answered this someone asking who's on drums on the album:

"@Chrisdaddydave is on 1 track, james gadson's on 2 tracks and questlove is on the rest."

(Russ has only 1000 followers and has only been tweeting 70 times in...4 years!!!)
191028, RE: D'Angelo?
Posted by da_illest_one, Wed Jan-01-14 10:48 AM

Little tidbits here and there? At this point?

Either the album is going to be released or its not. Its 2014 and without a confirmed release date or a new single this is just talk with nothing solid to back it up.

On The Lookout 4:
some new music. WTF is going on this year?
191030, RE: D'Angelo?
Posted by verde01, Tue Jan-21-14 05:28 PM
191031, clips from the studio sessions
Posted by verde01, Tue Jan-21-14 05:31 PM

191032, not really anything...
Posted by da_illest_one, Wed Jan-22-14 07:58 PM
I mean c'mon son!!!

Release a single, then a video and then the album. Until then, there's no point in saying that something is coming soon. Look, the'Really Love' snippet is seven years old now and we still don't even have a real single from that. For all its worth, there won't be any new music from him, period.

On The Lookout 4:
some new music. WTF is going on this year?
191037, RE: D'Angelo?
Posted by amoergosum, Mon Feb-03-14 12:52 PM
Russell Elevado via Twitter >>>

"Russell Elevado ‏@RussElevado 2. Feb.

@questlove layed down more funky drums for D'Angelo last night. Great session and thanks for the treats. .just like old times!"

"Russell Elevado ‏@RussElevado 2. Feb.

@erickrasno @questlove I can't wait for people to hear it!"

"Russell Elevado ‏@RussElevado 14 Std.

@mrprincerogers just to clarify, we're not working at electric lady we're at another studio."

191038, RE: D'Angelo?
Posted by amoergosum, Tue Feb-04-14 05:11 AM
Via Twitter >>>

"Russell Elevado ‏@RussElevado

@mrprincerogers yes isiaiah, "it ain't that easy" will be on the album. I dig your enthusiasm!
191047, RE: D'Angelo?
Posted by DOnali, Tue Feb-11-14 05:55 PM
Happy Birthday D