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190455, D’Angelo, “Black Hole Sun” (2010)
Posted by oneofthree, Sun Jan-01-12 07:17 PM
190456, all I can say is...
Posted by ReZilYaVic, Mon Jan-02-12 06:39 AM

190458, JL was here.
Posted by JustLisa, Mon Jan-02-12 10:34 AM
190459, RE: JL was here.
Posted by verde01, Mon Jan-02-12 11:53 AM
the chipmunks-effect on the vocals sounds horrible, doesn´t even sound like him..
the arrangement is growing on me though..
as an artist, i would hate to see something as unfinished as this being leaked.. Whoever put this on the net is not doing the man a favour..
190462, i liked it. the vocal effect is strange but at this point i'm so
Posted by JustLisa, Tue Jan-03-12 10:54 AM
thirsty for anything new. . .i welcomed it.

that old patented d' and the Richmond mumble is not lost on me. if they were just messing around, that makes me even MORE excited.
190461, RE: D’Angelo, “Black Hole Sun” (2010)
Posted by verde01, Tue Jan-03-12 10:27 AM
from questlove's twitter: "my statement on Black Hole Sun: its a demo from like 8 trs ago done in his crib in Va. Its NOT on the album (I did NOT leak)"