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Topic subjectI hate to sound belligerent but...
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188707, I hate to sound belligerent but...
Posted by Justin_Maldonado_7, Sat Sep-18-10 07:34 AM
....when u listen to WALK ALONE...ur gonna tell me the 2nd MC doesnt sound out of place???

on WALK ALONE, i believe ur the first MC that comes on...then someone else...then tariq....i said take out both guest mc's
(yes that means you too)...and just leave thought..

and as far as having ras kass or wayne appear over you on the album?


thats ras kass trading verses with the GZA....

that's lil wayne on a track with phonte....

that's not like putting ur wife's nephew on a track...i think both artists have a track record.

having an opinion that might be critical and being able to even TALK to the people that made the album is what made this site special. I have participated on this site almost since its inception over 10 years ago will miss that dearly.