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Topic subjecttaking it back to Things Fall Apart
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188377, taking it back to Things Fall Apart
Posted by ReD POet, Tue Jul-06-10 09:27 PM
this thang is a classic
188380, Correct
Posted by makaveli, Wed Jul-07-10 10:57 AM
188440, RE: taking it back to Things Fall Apart
Posted by wisdom31, Thu Jul-15-10 04:52 PM
To me, it's the best album from The Roots....bonafide classic in my book, from front to back
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188443, RE: taking it back to Things Fall Apart
Posted by spearman, Sun Jul-18-10 02:56 AM
see, thing with the roots is this...you can't just take one album and say that's the shit...that's the pinnacle. because they're one of the few groups you simply can't be narrow sighted with.

you absolutely have to take their whole body of work into consideration. the evolution of their sound is undeniable. imo, the only group that parallels them is outkast. each album is different but amazing in it's own respect.

i have a lot of friends who say they haven't liked the roots since they dropped phrenology because they came out with the single featuring musiq and the seed and they just tried to sound more rock and more radio friendly. personally, i think that's a bullshit stance. organix and dywm may have a similar sound but after that EVERYTHING is different. ih is hella different than dywm, as is every album after that.

they're all dope in their own right. the changing of their sound is probably why i'm still stuck on them to this day. it's probably why they the group i check for the most in these days of stagnation.

and for the record, i copped the dywm album after peeping the proceed video way back in the day. and copped organix when they re-released it after ih came out. my roots catalog is rather extensive as well. i even copped from the ground up in paris around the 2000 time frame. i only make this point cause i know you made the claim that i was probably new to this roots shit in some other post. not trying to throw jabs...just clarifying.

*also copped that jamaladeen tacuma shit back when i lived in japan the first go around. i know you probably know about that shit but most folks, even hard core roots fan, bug out on that shit.*