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Topic subjectHIGO sales #s?
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188309, HIGO sales #s?
Posted by wally, Sun Jun-27-10 07:53 PM
what are the projections looking like?

188321, RE: HIGO sales #s?
Posted by KLaP2-1-5, Mon Jun-28-10 09:21 PM
first week sales should be avalible tommrow.
188332, RE: HIGO sales #s?
Posted by spearman, Tue Jun-29-10 07:47 PM
let it be known i was one of the two people that purchased the album.
188333, 49,320?
Posted by wally, Tue Jun-29-10 08:28 PM

is that better/worse than expercted?
188334, about on par with what i expected
Posted by justin_scott, Tue Jun-29-10 08:56 PM
not bad at all. in '98 that would have been shit though, lol, but now it's fairly decent. album will probably end up selling 200,000+ over time. hopefully, weeks 2-4 aren't too bad.
188337, most of my people didn't know about this one....
Posted by da_illest_one, Thu Jul-01-10 07:47 AM
And they are fans of The Roots....
Def Jam isn't promoting their best artist-group and its a shame. This album should be pushed harder and I think alot of folk didn't even know the proper release date.
In addition, I absolutely hate the radio/BET & MTV emphasis on what should be promoted. This is the BEST album to out in June and there is literally no airplay on FM stations here in Maryland or video play on MTV and BET. I saw HIGO video a few times on VH1 Soul a few times but that's about it.
188342, 51,000
Posted by KLaP2-1-5, Fri Jul-02-10 12:34 AM
188358, someone has to care ...
Posted by QBoogie, Sat Jul-03-10 08:40 AM
188366, RE: someone has to care ...
Posted by ReD POet, Sun Jul-04-10 09:34 AM
some places are sold out
188368, RE: someone has to care ...
Posted by ReD POet, Mon Jul-05-10 03:34 AM
wjats this mean?
188374, RE: someone has to care ...
Posted by KLaP2-1-5, Mon Jul-05-10 11:10 PM
>wjats this mean?

I think thats based on sales digtal and physical and I think HIGO sold 51,000 first week... not 49320