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Topic subjectRE: The TV Show on cartoon network with all the niggas and bitches.
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188387, RE: The TV Show on cartoon network with all the niggas and bitches.
Posted by moonsatellite, Thu Jul-08-10 08:46 AM
"Dude is not accountable to you or your narrow perspective. How do you speak the truth about the world without a realistic context? And don't even say its unrealistic. I hear shit way more fucked up than anything coming out any of those character's mouths everyday. And from kids too, hell yes. It's the world we live in, fucked up or not.

You'll never hear the truth if you can't let go of your preconceptions as to what the truth should sound like. Because its not gonna sound like you want it to. And he's no bitch either - he just has to be more subtle with his messages than before. It's a game that must be played.

This is all assumption and speculation of course. I probably don't know shit. Just what I believe bc I'm still getting a lot out of it."


you should move to a white community, ignore the TV for 6 months, then watch "The Boondocks" with your new neighbors and "friends". then recall the theory you just posed and see if it holds up.