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Topic subjectword. I love me some Dave.
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188225, word. I love me some Dave.
Posted by Damali, Mon Jun-21-10 10:01 AM

>Aaron's comic strip was and is a MAJOR inspiration for me. i
>used to try to get my whole family to check it out. now. yeah
>right. it's so overboard.

>I feel like I did when I heard Young Buck crying on the phone
>sounding dumb. When I actually saw snippests of chappelle
>season 3. the first time i got called a nigger. a little part
>of me died. aaron mcgruder was holding the gun this time.

I'm feeling you on all of this but then this begs the question: Do you still use the n-word in your daily language? if so, why?


"True genius is the person who is most like himself" - Thelonius Monk