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188259, RE: D'Angelo update
Posted by amoergosum, Tue Jun-22-10 11:38 AM
>D'Angelo has officially linked up with celebrity personal
>trainer Mark Jenkins to get his body back in shape for his
>return to music.
>"I'm rocking with Mary this summer and I'm starting
>with D'Angelo next week," Jenkins revealed to SOHH last
>weekend. "So I'm looking for a big transformation with
>D'Angelo. We're back. His music is good and he's gonna be
>coming back pretty strong in the next three or four months.
>The music is tight. That transformation was really one of the
>big ones that put me on the map so we're looking to get him in
>better condition than the 'Untitled' video. That's the target
>we're shooting for."

LOL...again? There was almost the same article like a year ago.
Man...I don't care about D'Angelo's weight. The only thing I'm interested in is a new album.
You can forget about D'Angelo updates by the way....it's another Chinese Democracy story.