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Topic subjectNot ready...not sure what that means
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188327, Not ready...not sure what that means
Posted by bentagain, Tue Jun-29-10 08:56 AM
I can't remember what album it was, had to be phrenology...anyway. I saw the roots perform at the electric factory around the time that Malik started to disappear from the band. When we get out of the show, the bootleggers are selling Malik B albums in the parking lot...WTF. I was like, I just gave the Roots $30...

A sharp contrast to the illadelph era. Same venue, same set-up. As we are walking to the car, there's Malik in the freezing cold, huddled up with some cats just freestyling. I couldn't believe it, one of the realest things I've ever seen...

I hope Black can see now that no-one, not even Quest, elevates his flow like Malik. I'm talking about 100% dundee