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188307, RE: Dunno
Posted by mdplayer, Sun Jun-27-10 04:47 PM
>it's been growing on me through the days listens.
>But I prefer Rising Down.
>Hearing Right On through clearer headphones now brings out the
>lovely little bits and pieces though.

I'm kinda with you on this - as of now. I JUST got the album (been real busy this week) - and screw you Best Buy for jacking up the price $2 since Tuesday - but I am much happier than I was when listening to the snippets. It sounds much more "whole". But overall, it seems like everyone is jumping on this as a classic - and it very well may be, but you got to give it time for that IMO.

My complaints:

-too many features, not enough BT
-Right now, I am kinda more feeling the harder hitting Rising Down (and Game Theory) than the more laid back vibe of this, but that can change.
-no liner notes