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Topic subjectGot Damn...
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188287, Got Damn...
Posted by bentagain, Fri Jun-25-10 08:55 AM
Got Damn, Got Damn, i said Got Damn

They murdered this whole album, front to back. Thank you for restoring my faith in hip-hop, there still are a few heads left. My thoughts...

...the boy Blu sounds way too comfortable in front of the band. Questo should definetely look into making that his next project. His laid back Cali vibe is the perfect contrast to Black's east coast beast mode

...i agree there isn't enough Black on the vocals, but then again, i can never get enought of his lyrics. it seems that the gameplan is to let the guest appearances give Black an opportunity to condense is lyrics into nothing but fire

...the last 2 albums have other emcess spittin before we even hear Black, don't keep us waiting any longer than we have to for the heat

...the Fire should be the next single, definetely my favorite song. "before my time runs out like a myan, i'm gonna show em how i got my grind down to a science"