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Topic subjectfavorite roots songs:
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188169, favorite roots songs:
Posted by Ezzsential, Thu Jun-17-10 01:57 PM
Mine are:

no alibi, and never do what they do--off illadelph

love of my life, and nothing knew off of things fall apart

FUBU=for us by us, the color codes are made for women by women.. those that MISUSE -D I E-spirit and all!
188242, RE: favorite roots songs:
Posted by KLAP215, Mon Jun-21-10 06:48 PM
Concento of the desperado
Distortion to static
Silent Treatment
I remain Calm
Water (for my man Malik B.)
I can't Help it
No Alibi
Game Theory
188249, Whers all yall Roots fans?!!!!?????!!!!!???
Posted by KLAP215, Mon Jun-21-10 09:59 PM
188250, more of my fav songs from The Roots.....
Posted by KLAP215, Mon Jun-21-10 10:09 PM
Long Time feat Peedi Peedi and Bunny Sigler
Get Busy feat Peedi Peedi and Dice Raw
Im the music feat Malik B. and Porn
Double Trouble feat Mos Def
What they do
Pass the popcorn
Pussy Galore
Quicksand Millennium
Don't feel right
Mellow my man
Don't say nuthin
188252, RE: favorite roots songs:
Posted by ronin1387, Tue Jun-22-10 12:35 AM
long time

double trouble

love of my life

game theory



the roots is comin