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Topic subjectJay Electronica added to Roots Picnic.......
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187900, Jay Electronica added to Roots Picnic.......
Posted by bdietzdeuce2, Sat Apr-24-10 08:54 AM
EXHIBIT CCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC (in my just blaze puffy voice) !!!
187905, Says who?
Posted by DiP, Mon Apr-26-10 10:11 AM
187911, RE: Says who?
Posted by bdietzdeuce2, Tue Apr-27-10 09:45 AM
Trust me it will be announced soon...........hope he shows unlike the troc show wit mos
187912, I was about to say, he faked last time he was scheduled to be
Posted by DiP, Tue Apr-27-10 02:07 PM
in Philly, but then again, someone on the boards gave me a heads up about that so...