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Topic subjectjames river question
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187687, james river question
Posted by johnny kwest, Mon Mar-29-10 10:30 AM
must admit i was super late to the 1000 deaths party (after beggin' for years for somebody to inbox me).

does anybody know if there's any legitimacy to this track-by-track synopsis?


If so, it sure seems like an odd place to find it.
187689, It is fake, my friend
Posted by Pete Burns, Mon Mar-29-10 10:45 AM

What the blood claaat ???
187690, RE: It is fake, my friend
Posted by johnny kwest, Mon Mar-29-10 11:01 AM
thank you, sir -- wish i had the 5 minutes back that i wasted reading it and the 2 minutes asking a question in here about it -- no wonder i never got the requisite response to all of my requests...