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Topic subjectthe roots/janelle monae in DC next month
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187422, the roots/janelle monae in DC next month
Posted by happytrees, Mon Feb-22-10 11:42 AM
so I'm driving up to see ms monae on 3/15 - we decided to stay for the weekend and see what else is happening, and turns out the legendary are playing at the shamrock festival on the 13th.

sounds great, right?

well, this is one of those stay all day, no re-entry, charge and arm and a leg for a bottle of water deals, so we might not show up much longer before the roots go on. shit is always ridiculously priced at these things, and we just barely scrounged up enough to get there and back.

anybody else hear anything about this or have any idea as to schedule? I'd guess they'd be headlining and shouldn't be going on till pretty near the end, but I wanna make sure.

I can't find shit anywhere - I know there's got to be a schedule out there somewhere... anybody got one or know when they're going on?

187458, RE: the roots/janelle monae in DC next month
Posted by Pkjr703, Thu Feb-25-10 11:35 AM
my guess.

gates open at 10am

lots of white people wearing green drinking from 10:05am to 10:45pm

roots on at 11-12:15pm.