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Topic subjectRE: contrary to your post, that's a matter of opinion.
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187032, RE: contrary to your post, that's a matter of opinion.
Posted by chamon, Tue Jan-05-10 05:41 PM
i agree with a lot of others on this board that EC took me a while to get to appreciate and recognize it is a standout album by Common.

In ways its similar in my opinion of the transition Miles Davis made from his kind of blue era to the bitches brew era. that stuff is still hard for me to appreciate but it slowly comes around to appreciate the sonic environment they were both striving towards.

common was for sure getting somewhere with EC but wondering if the heavy criticism for lack of commercial success caused him to regress in his creativity and cater to commercialism. Be and Finding Forever are both good albums, but i don't really get the same mind blown experience as Like Water and EC did.

Just my opinion, but hopefully everyone can just give EC a good listening to and let it simmer and let time do a job on your ears.