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Topic subjectRE: I'm glad somebody enjoyed it....
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186819, RE: I'm glad somebody enjoyed it....
Posted by seasoned vet, Thu Dec-03-09 06:18 PM
>I don't feel the same way about this about this album since I
>think he was trying to do too many things on one album with
>25+ artists and producers attached to each song. I listened to
>it but it was too far left field. It doesn't make it a
>horrible album since I don't like it, it's just my least
>favorite Common album to date.

- no disrespect, but it sounds like you dont know too much about EC. most of the production was done by Dilla, and there was hardly any other artists featured on it besides a few tracks (and i mean less than three).

- i had homies that just like you "just couldnt get into it", until they listened to it with me. i also had 2 15's in the ride and wasnt hitting the (>>|) button after 5 seconds like they were doing. most often they liked what they heard after a ride.

- i enjoyed EC. it took me a little while, but i finally got it. to me its EC is like Synthasizer by Outkast....a dope track but one you have to be in the mood for.

- these are the tracks i vibe out to when i break out EC:

soul power
the hustle
come close
new wave (you have to wait until the hook on this one)
star 69
heaven somewhere

.....i mean how can one front on Heaven Somewhere???