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Topic subjectHow did Wale NOT flop?
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186702, How did Wale NOT flop?
Posted by JeffJohnsonII, Wed Nov-18-09 10:16 PM
First and foremost, I am a fan of the dude. Secondly, I am originally from Maryland and I really want that cat to blow because that would be a GREAT platform for the other DMV talent. Hell, I even helped mix the 'Rising Up' song he did with the Roots in December of 2007, so I am not hating on that dude but his album is an 'industry album' and is way too feature heavy. I could see if he kinda Food & Liquored his album and had like 2 major guests and a Neptunes track, but this dude tried to tap into the base of unloyal fans. How do you do tracks with Kweli, Mos and K'Naan and then do a 180 and do tracks with Gucci Mane? Bun B is beyond understandable because he is just flat out dope and his clout is eternal, but on the real...in house producers from the DMV coulda gave him way hotter beats and hooks than Cool & Dre and these other folks. Plus, he could've had more of a unique project. I actually heard the album about a week before it was released and made the purchase anyway last week. Like yo, son became an industry casualty 16 months before his album dropped and I knew there would be mixed reviews of it. It certainly isn't wack, but it ain't the truth either. I don't care how good an album is, you have to make a statement with it. He didn't rep, so nobody from my area stood behind it really. They are saying it undershipped, but it wasn't gonna move much more anyway. I don't think there's any scientific reason why his album won't do well. Interscope poured TONS of money into this dude early on and at the day's end, they knew shipping 100k wouldve still left 60k on the shelf. How much more can you 'work' an album if you have already been on Jimmy Fallon, opened up for Jay-Z on a tour, been all over the web, AND are an artist on Interscope? Saying Interscope generates interest from the break. That's why I'm certain we'll never get a Bishop Lamont album because after all of his hype 2 years ago, nobody gives a shit anymore.