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Topic subjectRE: da_bitch_ass_one
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186707, RE: da_bitch_ass_one
Posted by da_illest_one, Thu Nov-19-09 07:07 AM
dude you're so awesome, now you can tell everyone you know that you tried to start an argument with another grown man on the internet over a topic unrelated to yourself. Da_bitch_ass_one? that's genius, how long did it take for you to stop wanking off to gay porn to type that in header? Anyways its good to see that there is still losers like you on here who only peek their heads out when they think its a chance to get a rouse out of someone else. Dude, you rule!!

If you have nothing to add to the subject at hand don't waste people times by typing nonsense. Seriously, how old are you dude? grow up.