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186699, RE: well... Q-Tip heard it
Posted by da_illest_one, Wed Nov-18-09 04:44 PM
>So, 25th January 2000 was the release date of Voodoo and the
>release Date for 'James River' could be 25th January 2010. But
>where is the single? Damn!

Around November 1999 we starting hearing tracks off of Voodoo such as:

Chicken Grease (live performance on Chris Rock's HBO show)
Left and Right feat. Meth and Red (music video and heavy radio rotation)
Devil's Pie (Belly soundtrack, premiered around August)

Around December we got:

Untitled (video and heavy radio rotation)

Around January 2000 we got:

Send It On (video and heavy radio rotation)
One Mo' Gin (limited radio rotation)
Africa (limited radio rotation)

ten years have passed and by now we still haven't heard any new tracks off of the third LP (rumored to be titled "James River" but who knows?), so a January 26th 2010 release date is NOT happening.