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186486, D'Angelo
Posted by amoergosum, Tue Oct-20-09 01:11 PM
So what's happening...is "James River" going to be released this year?
I was only able to find this >>>

"According to Lindsay Guion, D’Angelo’s manager, no album will be released this summer. No collaborators have been confirmed. The artist is living in Richmond. He’s recording there and in New York City, and he will deliver the tracks to his record company by September. Guion says they have just signed a contract for a U.S. tour that will begin around the holidays. So, the bottom line seems to be that nobody’s going to hear anything from D’Angelo at least well into the fall. That includes NEWSWEEK. After repeated requests for an interview, D’Angelo’s rep finally offered to pass on a list of questions by e-mail with assurances that D’Angelo would actually provide the answers. After a day, however, his management backtracked to say the singer was unavailable until the album was finished.