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Topic subjectHow I Got Over release date
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186476, How I Got Over release date
Posted by petercockroach, Mon Oct-19-09 11:21 AM
Can't find it anywhere, probably need a late pass...is it dropping tomorrow? www.theroots.com says yes, but the boards don't seem to be buzzing much...

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186478, No. See link inside
Posted by handle, Mon Oct-19-09 12:38 PM

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"The Let's Flog Questo Post"

i *could* bs you w/ good bad news but we too old to get into that after 11 years together so in short.

would you RATHER me just "turn it in already!!!!!" (and again--despite that "worst song the roots ever done poast...there is NO song that i dont sweat prep/execute/mix/focusgroup/re do/argue over/mix for 19 hours until i feel goosebumps.....EVER. (well actually one song. a piece of trash called "the seed" rotf)

or do you want me to turn it in when its perfecto?

im SUPPOSED to turn it in tomorrow.


i do not like these mixes all that much.

studios have shut down in new york and basically there are 5 left (back in the TFA days there were 40something)---the studio i REALLY wanna kick ass in wont be available til late oct.--there i can mix this baby with the analog ish im dying to use (we made this album pretty much organix style in front of each other)--im not doing the polling.

i guess im asking what does the majority think?

part of me doesn't wanna release this album in a crowded lane of november.

but shit has to be right (we mixed it in pro tools and i cant help wonder what ish would sound like mixed on a neve.

so in short.

imma hold this baby til its right yall.

i cant cheat myself.


186479, RE: No. See link inside
Posted by petercockroach, Mon Oct-19-09 01:52 PM
Thanks for the heads up. Can someone please update theroots.com and ?uest's sig? It's very misleading and I've been counting days on my calendar.
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