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Topic subjectRE: Roots 3rd Residency Guest is Jimmyt Fallon>>>WTF!?
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186405, RE: Roots 3rd Residency Guest is Jimmyt Fallon>>>WTF!?
Posted by Pkjr703, Fri Oct-09-09 07:06 AM
maybe he'll shock everyone and be a hype man? do some SNL musical skits? at least its a change and they are trying something new. i thought it was going to be kane, or slick, which would of had people ranting anyways... not hating on biz, or doug e but its not like they are doing something so fresh and new. biz scratches with his belly, gets the crowd to sing you got what i need, doug e beatboxing, getting everyone to sing oh my god... you dont have to go to a roots show to see this. im glad they are thinking outside the box.