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Topic subjectRE: Goodie Mob return to DC - Nov. 14 w/Scarface too
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186370, RE: Goodie Mob return to DC - Nov. 14 w/Scarface too
Posted by brothertone, Sun Oct-04-09 01:46 PM
A new warehouse club that focuses on pure, live performances.
"No track dates". Personally, I am digging how they bless folks with food on the love to go with fly shows. They have been slowly coming up since this summer...and now rolling out hot shows

Oct. 31 - Jaguar Wright presented by NUVO
Nov. 12 - Van Hunt
Nov. 14 - GOODIE MOB & Scarface presented by Guerilla Union
Nov. 20 - Martin Luther & Cody Chestnutt
Nov. 28 - Amp Fiddler & surprise guest female singer
plus some comedy night, Howard Homecoming stuff, etc.