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Topic subjectWordman's HIGO questions
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186356, Wordman's HIGO questions
Posted by Wordman, Fri Oct-02-09 09:53 PM
Since revealing the "umbrellas while playing chess on non-rainy days" video, I officially have questions I can't wait 'till November to have answers.
Any reply, answer, or ?uesto-cyrptogram would be on the good side of awesome. Or just make me suffer in anticipation. Either way.

*Any internet only, didn't make the cut stuff like there was for Rising Down?

*Which "record" will this be (ala Tipping Point the "boom bap" album, Game Theory the "Bomb Squad" album)?

*Surprise "Word? HE'S on the album?" guests (ala "The Philly guy always playing the bagpipe?" on DYWM, "the French worldy chic?" on TFA, "NELLY Nelly or 'Nelly' Nelly?" on Phren, "The Fall Out Boy guy?" on RD)?

*Malik B?

*Bob Power?

*What kind of tour?

"Your current frequencies of understanding outweigh that which has been given for you to understand." Saul Williams
186357, FYI, looks like a February release now
Posted by HighVoltage, Sat Oct-03-09 12:18 AM
186365, RE: FYI, looks like a February release now
Posted by desmondo66, Sun Oct-04-09 10:16 AM
..although still listed for October release on Amazon