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Topic subjectArtist's Health Care
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186337, Artist's Health Care
Posted by legalizeit, Thu Oct-01-09 06:34 AM
I got to thinkin yesterday about how musicians and artists pay for their health care when they are / are not signed to any type of label or promoter.
I know their's a musicians union that was established I believe in New York started by people who were in the studio on the grind.
Do record labels, or even non record labels offer health insurance for their artists? Any horror stories?

I also just read an article about Swiss healthcare and what it costs, penalties, and the benefits: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/10/01/health/policy/01swiss.html?

186338, As far as I know, it's practically non-existent
Posted by seandammit, Thu Oct-01-09 07:47 AM
And if you need proof of that fact, look no further than Dilla.
186353, RE: As far as I know, it's practically non-existent
Posted by legalizeit, Fri Oct-02-09 11:32 AM
It's funny that we're such an entertainment driven culture, yet don't take care of those who keep us entertained.