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Topic subjectVIDEOS: The Ecstatic Tour feat. Mos Def & Erykah Badu 9/05
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186102, VIDEOS: The Ecstatic Tour feat. Mos Def & Erykah Badu 9/05
Posted by trendski, Wed Sep-09-09 12:20 AM
Check out my dope videos from the Hollywood Palladium show!

QUIET DOG by Mos Def:

Love Of My Life medley by Erykah Badu
- Life's a Bitch (Nas)
- Friends (Whodini)
- Gangsta (NWA)

186105, Great videos...shame Mos was a disappointment though.
Posted by Ryan M, Wed Sep-09-09 11:51 AM
I would have never thought Erykah would have ever blown Mos out of the water live, but it'd been 12 years since I saw Erykah last and I'd forgotten how terrible Mos' show has gotten.

But I will say - your videos are great.