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Topic subjectBlackstar at House Of Blues Boston
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185876, Blackstar at House Of Blues Boston
Posted by prezzdogg, Fri Aug-14-09 11:41 AM
Firstly, I can't believe there are no posts about people excited for Mos to come to Boston. However, I bought tix to a show billed as Blackstar, Mos Def and Talib Kweli. Now they are calling it Mos def whatever tour feat. Talib, Jay Electronica and Medina Green.

So, does this mean that Mos is headlining and Talib is performing separately? I really hope not. I've seen both alone plenty of times, I wanna see BLACKSTAR! Especially when I paid livenation prices to see what was billed as Blackstar! Does anyone know the deal?

I enjoyed rock the bells last month, but one of the big disappoinments was that no one really came out for cameo collabos. Talib came out for some of Common's set, but they mixed up the set order without telling anyone so I only saw one song they did together. No one came out for a song with the Roots, no one during Talib's set...it was disappointing. I know we tend to expect a lot from our favorite underpaid/overworked artists (The Roots, Talib, etc.) but the crowd would have gone crazy if Common came out during the Roots set and did UnIverse at War?!

I don't wanna see mos and talib do a 3 song medley.