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Topic subjectRE: The Show was pretty good
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185833, RE: The Show was pretty good
Posted by Pkjr703, Tue Aug-11-09 11:51 AM

"He was kind of charismatic but sarcastic thoughout the whole show. Kind of spazzed out at someone for shouting at him; talked about how
sometimes you gotta get up and go to your job when you don't want to."

Nah, he wasnt spazzin out. He said that same line at the Kennedy Center last year.

Good show, kinda surprise he didnt do Ms Fat Booty, but made up for doing Got. He played a little over a hour and a half, and having Chris Dave play the drums for a song was a nice touch. I dont think it sold out. I cant figure out how Mos/DeLa/RE havent sold out yet. I guess people stopped buying tickets ahead of time like they stopped buying albums.