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Topic subjectThe Show was pretty good
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185815, The Show was pretty good
Posted by anysenserobbed, Mon Aug-10-09 12:44 PM

Medina Green opened...did his verse from crosstown beef then some of his new stuff. Overall he was mediocre and forgettable.

Jay was pretty good. Crowds for DC shows are usually pretty good but the crowd was definitely rocking with him and catching his punch lines. He's got a pretty good stage presence. Did the full version of "Dear Moleskine",dimethaltryptimine, My World, some freestyles, rapped the eternal sunshine joint over the price is right beat. Closed with Exhibit A.

Mos came out to supermagic and played the drums while he rapped it. Stuck to joints from his new album (casa bey, life in marvelous, twilight speedball, quiet dog). He was kind of charismatic but sarcastic thoughout the whole show. Kind of spazzed out at someone for shouting at him; talked about how sometimes you gotta get up and go to your job when you don't want to. Did "got" from the black on both sides album. Closed with Billie Jean.

Overall, it was a good show. 9:30 was packed and it was a pretty diverse crowd. I'd give it a B/B+