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Topic subjectThe Roots @ Kitchener, Ontario for CEMF
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185670, The Roots @ Kitchener, Ontario for CEMF
Posted by MapleHutt, Thu Jul-30-09 04:25 AM
Are any Okayplayers going for Sunday's show?

I plan on going... alone, since no one I know can make it out. :(

I'm fully okay with that considering I went to see them at Kool Haus alone last year and ended up meeting some new faces. That was my favourite hip-hop show EVER by the way (and I've been to Rock The Bells in NYC 2007 and Toronto/Mississauga 2008 and Toronto this year).

However, if anyone would like to meet up, I would be completely fine with that too!

Either way, I'm sure The Roots are going to put on a KILLER show! I can't wait to hear "How I Got Over" live.

I'm hoping to be pleasantly surprised by the other acts on the bill as well.