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Topic subjectRE: What info is there about Bilal's new album?
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185585, RE: What info is there about Bilal's new album?
Posted by Coco la chapelle, Wed Jul-22-09 05:11 AM
here is what he said about his new material :

audio interview by Mickey Dunn : http://thesoulcialista.podomatic.com/enclosure/2009-03-19T09_05_12-07_00.mp3
what I remember him saying : Non conformism, more implication in the process of making the song, less crooning

Parlour magazine : http://parlourmagazine.com/2008/05/throwback-catch-up-bilal/

P: What music are you making now?
B: My music is starting to take on all of the songs I’ve been listening to. Me and my band, we’ve been gigging and delved into our own sound. You might listen to it and call it…you can hear some rock. You might listen to it and hear some funkadelic tendencies or some straight up hip-hop, or jazz. I see it like techno jazz rock. Soul. Blues.

eXcapthematriX : http://etmmagazine.info/freeyourmind/2008/08/2008_08_bilal.html

Raven - Ok, so what do you look to accomplish when making your music? What is Bilal's message?
Bilal - It's to break down genre barriers. My main thing is to just develop my own sound and my own style, then I'll be happy. I want to make music that isn't just looked at as Soul but something that the world can identify with. I want to do a Rock tune and then just bust out into Jazz and then into Hip-Hop. I want to do that without people being like (makes a face like something stinks) "What's he doing? He's Black. He can't do that."

A friend of mine told me he perfomed new joints when she saw him (what is love, that dollar, gotta go away : those are how the chorus go, not sure about the title), she said the higlight was "what is love?", I think she's refering to that joint he wrote for Glasper next album. What else ? you can google him performing "Playing this song for nothing", its a new song, I don't know if it would appear on the next CD though

Anyway he's giving a special show to present his new album in DC, we will now more about it after this show