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Topic subjectWent to the Chicago show
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185604, Went to the Chicago show
Posted by DJ Schwann, Thu Jul-23-09 09:21 PM
It was awesome, I was front row on the main stage the whole time. But I got a few complaints.
-Started too late.
-Too much time in between sets. KRS came out to host towards the end, but before him it was just boring as shit standing there. Supernatural never talked to the crowd, he introduced like 2 acts, that was it.
-Seemed like the Roots set got cut short. It said it was gonna be an hour, felt like 25 min.
-I live in Michigan. I decided to go to the Chicago show because I was told Common and others (House of Pain, Pete Rock) would be there. That was a load of bullshit. And wtf, why does Toronto get Mos Def in his place and we got nothin?
But back to the good. K'Naan and Chali 2na were both tight, but there was hardly any crowd for em. I'm not a Tech N9ne fan, but he definately put on a great show. Kweli was good, shoulda complained less about his sound and just kept goin though. DON'T STOP THE SONG. Big Boi was sick as hell, just went through classic Outkast hits. Roots were good but as I mentioned, too short. Busta Rhymes was the sickest act for sure. I think he might've been cut a little short too, but he made up for it just goin through each hit quickly. Nas and Damian Marley were sick, but I missed a lot of it (I never left for food/drink, had a great spot I didn't wanna lose, so I almost passed out and had to step to the side to get h2o from venue employees). So that sucked for me, but they were pretty sick from what I watched.
Overall I liked it, just pissed bout those couple things.